10 Must-See Kitchen Decor Ideas for the Holidays

10 Must-See Kitchen Decor Ideas for the Holidays

The holiday season is known as the best time of the year for so many reasons. But, let's be honest, nothings better than the holiday decorations! There are so many ways to decorate your home for the holidays, and your kitchen shouldn't be left out of all the fun. Bringing the holiday decor into the kitchen only encourages the holiday spirit. Here are 10 must see kitchen decorating ideas for the holidays.

1. Holiday Wreath 

Wreaths make great decorative accents during the holidays, but did you know they're not just for the outside of your home? Wreaths come in an array of sizes and materials, making them a great addition to your holiday kitchen decor. You can hang a few of them from your kitchen cabinets, range hood, bar chairs, or hang one big wreath from the center of your kitchen sink or in a window.

All white kitchen featuring a range hood with a wreath on the hood, the photo is from the instagram profile @five.acre.family

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2. Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Houses are a cute kitchen decoration idea. Not only do they make a cool activity that brings the family together, but they also help the house smell amazing. 

3. Flowers

Adding flowers to your kitchen decor is a must, especially during the holidays! Holiday wreaths aren't the only plants that represent the traditional spirit. There are many plants with pretty red and green floral colors, that can bring that same holiday joy. Red Poinsettias are a great example of flowers that can be displayed around the kitchen and immediately brings out the holiday spirit. 

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4. Hang up Christmas Lights 

Brightening up your kitchen with string lights is a sure way to bring in the holiday joy. Lights can be strung along the outline of your kitchen cabinets or along your kitchen backsplash. Have fun with your lights by opting for colorful lights, instead of the traditional white lights. 

5. Garlands 

Nothing makes a space look more elegant during the holidays than a garland. Garlands add a festive look in the kitchen and there are many ways to decorate your kitchen with them. You can go for a plain garland look or if you're trying to get fancy, you can opt for decorative garlands. Add them to the top go your cabinet shelves or stream them along the edge of your kitchen counter and cabinets. Garlands also make a great accent around the window seal, if your kitchen has a window. 

6. White and Gold Accents 

A classy way to dress up your kitchen for the holidays is with white and gold decorations. These neutral colors bring a clean and elegant look into your kitchen. And if your kitchen cabinet hardware is gold accented, then it'll be easy to dress your kitchen up for the holidays. Add white and gold, ornaments, candles, wreaths and more around your kitchen. Make it your own and get creative as you'd like! 

7. Chair Back Covers

Chair covers are a festive way to add to your kitchen decor, that many overlook. There are plenty of chair cover patterns to choose from, and you can get creative with them too! 

8. Festive Dishware

Display your holiday dishware around the kitchen. Set your kitchen table with holiday dishware, so that the family has all they need to enjoy those family meals. Or if you have glass cabinets, switching out your regular dishware for holiday dishware is an easy way to decorate for the holidays.

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9. Festive Glass Jars

The kids will love this idea - and so will you! A great way to hide or display festive treats around the kitchen is by adding decorative candy jars. Throw some peppermints, chocolates, or cocoa in a cute holiday jar and showcase them around the kitchen. You can even create a candy or cocoa area in the kitchen, so everyone knows where to get their holiday treats. 

10. Kitchen Island 

Decorating your kitchen island is sort of a must during the holiday season and there are a few ways to do so. Line your kitchen island with a garland and lights. You can even throw some festive knick-knacks onto the kitchen island counter, like a Merry Christmas sign and smaller decorative trees to upgrade your holiday decor. 

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