Guide to Choosing Your New Kitchen Faucet

Guide to Choosing Your New Kitchen Faucet

Kitchen sink faucets are, in many ways, the centerpiece of your kitchen. They call attention to themselves, speak to your design preferences, play a large part in setting your kitchens tone, and most importunely, are the most used part of your kitchen. From cleaning food before cooking to washing your hands and rinsing off dishes, your kitchen sink faucet is constantly in use, and therefore, it's vital to have the right faucet for your kitchen.

When choosing a kitchen faucet, it's important to keep these six factors in mind.



Before even considering a kitchen sink faucet, it's essential to know wether you need a wall or deck mounted kitchen faucet. It all starts with the base. A deck mount goes directly through the counter and sink, making it easier to install and access the waterline. When choosing a deck mount faucet, you need to ensure you have the appropriate number of holes for your faucet. Some can require three or four holes in your sink to function, especially if you want a faucet with a sprayer. A wall mount is installed into the wall behind the sink. Getting to the water line is much more difficult, but you have more freedom to choose any sink you wish. 

Handle Style: 

There are two types of handle styles: one hand and two handles. One-handle kitchen faucets usually have their handle built into the faucet itself, so it only requires one home in the sink and counter, giving it a sleeker design, like our Dali Kitchen Faucet. Like our Mona Kitchen Faucet, two-handle faucets can add elegance to your kitchen, elevating the whole room. 


Spec image of Zlines, Dante Kitchen Sink FaucetThe height of your kitchen sink faucet can dramatically affect the while room's aesthetic. You may also have cabinets above your sink, limiting how tall your faucet can be.


While the height is how tall your whole faucet is, the arc is the shape it makes. Kitchen faucets can have large arcs that go up and around, or they could have a minimal arc that shoots straight out. Smaller arcs are more subtle stylistically, while larger ones allow you to fit larger items in your sink. 


There are a few different options for kitchen faucet sprayers. You can pull-down sprayers, pull-out sprayers, or side sprayers. Pull-down sprayers work best with tall kitchen faucets. Like our Dante Kitchen Faucet, they pull down toward the sink and have a button on the side to turn on the sprayer. 

Pull-out sprayers work in the same essential way as pull-downs, except they extend toward you instead of the sink. These are often seen on faucets with lower heights and arcs. 

Side sprayers are separate from the faucet. They need an additional hole on the side of your faucet to sit, and when they are needed, you pull it up through the hole and push the button down to turn it on. Before choosing a side sprayer, make sure you have a kitchen sink with an additional spot for it to go through. 


Functionality is vital, but you can't overlook design when choosing the best kitchen faucet for you. Your kitchen sink faucet helps set the style for your entire kitchen. It's a focal point of the room because it's so heavily used and stands out from the rest of the kitchen.  

If you want a traditional kitchen style, a more ornate design like our Rembrandt Kitchen Faucet will fit in perfectly without calling too much attention. On the other hand, our Apollo Kitchen Faucet has a minimalist design that works well with modern kitchen styles.

Why Choose Kitchly?

Your kitchen faucet is one of the essential features in a kitchen, and investing in the right one is critical to building your ideal kitchen. At Kitchly, we have a wide selection of kitchen faucets that work for all kitchen styles and preferences. 

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Commonly Asked Questions:

Can you add a sprayer to a kitchen faucet? 
Yes, you can add a sprayer to a kitchen faucet. A simple way to add one is by installing it in an open, unused hole on either side of your faucet. This option only works if you have a spare . drilling in your sink, but many do just for this reason. 
What sink is best for the kitchen? 
Stainless steel sinks are a popular sink choice for kitchens. They give off a sleek, contemporary look and are easy to clean. 
How do I clean my faucet without damaging it? 
The best way to clean your kitchen sink faucet is with a microfiber cloth and mild soap. Get the cloth damp, use a small amount of soap, and rub the kitchen faucet clean. Use a soft dry cloth afterward to prevent spots and streaks. 
Are expensive kitchen faucets any better than regular ones? 
More expensive kitchen sink faucets are usually made with better material, look better, and perform better than lower-priced kitchen faucets. Higher-priced kitchen faucets are more likely to last longer than less expensive models, so you may spend less on replacements and repairs in the long run.