Is Your Kitchen Ready For Thanksgiving?

Is Your Kitchen Ready For Thanksgiving?

It's that time of year again! The best and possibly the most hectic time of the year - the holidays. 

The holidays are for family gatherings and if you're accustomed to hosting the Thanksgiving dinner for the family, then you know how stressful it can be. So, preparing your home for the holidays is important to alleviate some stress - and mess. Here are some tips on how to prep the heart of your home, the kitchen, for the holidays. 

1. Be Nice to Your Sink 

ZLINE 33" Garmisch Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Bottom Grid and Accessories (SLS)Our kitchen sinks, faucets, and drains unfortunately receive some of the worst treatment during the holiday season. When cooking, we tend to throw large scraps of food, vegetables, and peelings down the garbage disposal. Although, convenient, this can become a big problem when it comes to plumbing. Foods like eggshells, scraps of meat, fat and bones, grease and oil, should never go down your disposal.

If you're big on cooking those hardy meals for the family, maybe it's time to consider a sink upgrade. Kitchly has some of the most durable sinks and faucets on the market - equipped with all you need to cook with confidence. Our ZLINE 23" Meribel Undermount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink with Bottom Grid has creased accent lines and basin sloping, which helps drainage. Plus, it comes with a removable cutting board and stainless steel coriander. All ZLINE sinks have garbage disposal compatibility (sold separately).

2. Don't Forget to Clean Your Range Hood Vents 

When cooking and hosting, the last thing you want is for the smoke detector to continuously go off, or worse, a fire. One way to help prevent this from happening is to give your range hood filters a deep clean before the holidays. When this is not cleaned properly, it becomes difficult for the range hood to do its job efficiently, causing unclean air in your kitchen. Most range hood filters are dishwasher friendly, so you simply need to remove them, give them a hot rinse, and throw them in the dishwasher. While you wait for the filters, wipe down the underside of your range hood with a damp cloth and gentle cleaning solution. 

If your range hood seems impossible to clean, Kitchly has a variety of stainless steel range hoods with a modern design. Our ZLINE Recirculating Under Cabinet Range Hood model includes an efficient recirculating system that uses a charcoal filter to trap smoke, grease, and odors at the source and recirculate air, no ducting required. Experience Attainable Luxury® in the heart of your home, with a ZLINE range hood. 

3. Clean Your Refrigerator away those Thanksgiving leftovers can be a hassle. Rearranging the refrigerator to make room for all those delicious holiday favorites can be tedious. To make sure you have all the space you need this holiday season, be sure to clean your fridge out ahead of the big day. Take this opportunity to give your fridge a deep clean. Remove everything from your fridge, throw out things that have expired, and before you go to put everything back in, give each shelf a wipe down. If your refrigerator is lacking in space, it may be time to consider getting a bigger fridge.
Our ZLINE 36" Autograph Edition French Door Refrigerator with Ice Maker makes a great addition to any kitchen - but especially for those who like to host. Guaranteed to get you through the holidays and make a lasting impression with the family, the Autograph Collection creates a luxurious look that is sure to transform your space - and provide ample storage space for all those leftovers!

4. Clean you Microwave

Keeping your microwave clean and sanitary for the family to warm up those Thanksgiving leftovers is important. Cleaning your microwave is a breeze. Using a microwave safe bowl filled with 1:2 parts water to vinegar, set the timer to 5 minutes, and wipe out the microwave with a rag, be careful as the steam and bowl contents will be hot. 

If you are tired of constantly cleaning your microwave, you will want to check out ZLINE's Stainless Steel 24" Built-in Convection Microwave Oven and 30" Single Wall Oven with Self Clean creates a sleek and clean look, while also providing you with more counter space. This will also offer a space to keep all those holiday side nice and warm until dinner time. Trust us, you will thank us later! 

5. Prep your Kitchen Dishes 

You can't forget about the most important part, the dishes and utensils. Make sure your glasses, silverware, and cooking utensils are in order and that you have enough for everyone. Our 18 inch Compact Top Control Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub has a premium eco-friendly washing feature and a modern integrated top control design. Accommodating to every household size, this compact 18-inch dishwasher comfortably fits 16 place settings within its full-depth dish racks. Our dishwashers make cleaning up after holiday dinners easy.
Kitchly has all the right appliances to match your kitchen design and provide you with the conservation you need for the holidays. Our ZLINE kitchen appliances provide attainable luxury for any kitchen. Through our unique designs and unparalleled quality, we're dedicated to providing you an elevated experience in the heart of your home. Bring your dream kitchen to life this holiday season with Kitchly.