Ten Home Renovation Accounts to Follow

Ten Home Renovation Accounts to Follow

Angela Rose Home 

Angela Rose is a favorite here at Kitchly. Angela started renovating her home after she went out with some friends and they all kept saying how they couldn't wait to have this or do this with their home, she thought, why are we waiting! Her Motto, “Stop pinning, start doing!”
Her out-of-the-box thinking has led her to design some breathtaking rooms in her home, like the Hogwarts Dining Room or the Kid's play closet! She is a great resource for beginners because she explains what she is doing and why she is doing it throughout the project.

Frills and Drills 


Lindsay has a contagious smile, and she is always smiling! She left her career to stay home with her kids and was feeling stuck. With no prior knowledge and some help from her toddlers, she decided to build a huge wall shelf install. And she did it! Her style is minimalistic and crisp, with a little bit of edginess. 
Lindsay is also great at explaining her projects and how anyone can bring them to life. She saves most of her projects in her story highlights, so you can go back and watch them whenever you want.

The Honest Home 


Molly is a very fun and quirky home renovator. She is known for her unique designs and fun poses. She does a lot of designs based around her kids, one of the coolest was when she built an indoor playground - monkey bars and all, and did we mention it's inside? We love that she brings her family into every project she tackles and her kid's reactions are priceless! Great DIY account for moms!

Jens Gathering Nest



Jen's Gathering Nest is a home decor channel. She uses tons of neutrals and boho-style elements in her room decor designs, all with a slight touch of minimalism. Jen shares how to decorate spaces in your home, from coffee tables to whole table settings, and everywhere in-between. Regardless, of if you are renovating your kitchen, Jens page is a great place to gather ideas from when it comes time to decorate your new kitchen!

Renovation Husbands


Stephen and David are a husband-husband team who are renovating a previously abandoned victorian home. They have a very elevated antique style and are keeping the victorian style in their home while bringing it into the 21st century. They don't go into as much depth as some other content creators do for each of their projects, but they keep you informed throughout most of the process. They never disappoint! 
And on top of DIYing, they are beekeepers and have their own honey brand - which is SO good!

Honey and Home Design 


This is a husband-wife team that is renovating a condo built in the '70s. Their style is boho with some aspects of popular 70's design trends. They use a lot of wood and warm neutrals in their design and decor. This is a great account to follow if you are renovating or designing a small space because they have certainly made the most of theirs!

Dickinson Home Design 


Sarah's style is elegant and moody - we get major boss babe vibes! A smaller account, however, her unique style makes her stand out among other DIY creators. This is the first time that Sarah has renovated a home and she shares her trials and tribulations mainly through finished photos - and she does it all on a budget!

That DIY Home 


"Just your average girl diy'ing her way through life, transforming our 1st house into a home on a budget." 
Amanda from That DIY Home is another Kitchly favorite. Her style is light, art deco with a little bit of boho here and there. Her main color is white, but then she uses a lot of green, natural wood, black, and gold to really make the design elements of her home stand out. The first thing we fell in love with was her fireplace - it just looks like a cloud!

Remington Avenue 


Back with another fun and upbeat mama - Mysha from Remington Avenue. Her house is simply stunning and we would classify her style as a luxurious farmhouse with modern twists. Mysha is great at sharing tips and tricks she’s discovered throughout her DIY career - like did you know, you should never start your wallpaper in a corner? Now you do! I think it would be impossible to choose a favorite project from Mysha, she always knocks our socks off!

Philip or Flop 


Philip is a great account for those who have no clue what they are doing when it comes to home renovation. Philip is a scientist during the day and a DIYer by night. He is great at explaining the process of his projects and how he achieves the perfect cuts. He builds things for the outdoors too like chicken coops, playhouses, and he finished a fully enclosed outdoor patio expansion on his home!


We never tire of a good home account, so if you know of a great home influencer or if you happen to be one yourself, let us know in the comments below! We want to obsess over your creativity too!